I haven't blogged in quite a while & I still haven't even properly sorted through my photographs from Ireland… not sure why on either accounts.

I was at home for three weeks before I decided to leave again. It took a whole bucket of guts but I booked a one way ticket to Edinburgh and left a few days later. It felt strange leaving the second time and a whole lot harder too. I went by myself this time and on a more permanent basis.

I've now been in Edinburgh for a week and a half and have already felt every emotion on the human scale. I was so liberated to be in a country where I didn't know anyone and where it felt like anything was possible. It became quickly clear that trying to be happy in a city where you don't have even one familiar face is more on the hard side than liberating. For me, anyway. 

Things are slowly starting to piece together (I hope) and I've been attending job interviews and am moving into a permanent place on the weekend.

Despite all of the ups and downs and the fact my overcharged brain seems to exhaust me by 8pm, this city is beautiful. I've been to a few museums/art galleries and today I day tripped to the zoo and had a beautiful moment with jaguar in it's enclosure. 

Bedroom window view

Gallery of Modern Art

Edinburgh Zoo

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