An Edinburgh Christmas!

… Kinda.
I'm the luckiest girl in the World and am leaving tomorrow morning to meet my whole family in Barcelona and spend 3 weeks exploring Spain and spending Christmas there too. It's so strange to think about the fact it's been 9 months since I left Brisbane and 6 months since I've seen my family (excluding my sister, of course). I'm beyond excited to see Spain as well as I'm sure it's as majestic as everyone's told me.

Edinburgh Christmas festival has begun and runs from the last week of November 'til the First week of January, and it is M A G I C . Christmas here is everything I could've imagined - streets filled with decorations, extended trading hours, coffee shop introducing Christmas themed menus, weather that means there's no such thing as going outside without your Winter jacket anymore, SEVERAL Christmas trees around the city and the Christmas Markets - the queen of the Christmas festivities… I'm talking 2 ice skating rinks, double decker merry-go-rounds, pop up drink stalls/food stalls/gift stalls/everything stalls, Christmas tree mazes, Ferris Wheels; everything…. and every single night, too.
As an Australian who spends Christmas in 40 degree heat, usually sweating out a seafood lunch in the pool then napping it away in the afternoon, being in Edinburgh at such a happy time of year is unreal. 

I meant to go out and snap some more photos from around the city but due to a ridiculous bout of illness (just as my holidays start, of course), I ran out of time. So here's what I have so far and after I'm back in the New Year I'll hopefully get some more. 

Happy happy holidays!