It's been a bit of a weird week with random stresses and things not going so well- but somehow despite the negative aspects my head feels more screwed on than recent months and I've fallen in love with the scenery and nature of this beautiful country. 

We've spent the last week in London, living in Queen's Park/Maida Vale which has been so lovely. Had a tourist day where we visited the general sites including the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels that live inside and are so, so beautiful. The free tours there are beyond awesome as well- the tour guides don't even accept tips but give the greatest non-boring guided tour.
Also got to catch up with our cousin Ellie who is over here on a gap year and newly 18, so we got to finally buy her a cocktail and spent the day in Windsor and Eton with her. I then fell in love with that area too… as I seem to be doing with every place I visit.

I was also lucky enough to be given a gift voucher for Afternoon Tea at The Ritz for my 21st by the Poole family just before I left to come overseas. It was literally heaven. I've never felt so underdressed or overfed… ever. I can't even thank them enough - it was the greatest present and the tastiest afternoon in such a surreal and beautiful atmosphere.

Scotland in  2 days and doing a tour with Haggis Tours for a week. Can't wait to fall in love with another place all over again.

Tour of London

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Feeding the swans in Windsor with Ellie… 

"The swans here in Eton have no manners or respect these days" 

Georgia and Ellie

Finally got to shout my now legal cousin a drink!

Thanks for letting me touch your bum...


Windsor Castle

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate… don't even start me

Beautiful Elle!

Got to see a glimpse of magic on the way home… 

Perfect afternoon light and flowers… my favourite