Moments between moments.

One (very early) morning last week, I spent a couple of hours doing some head shots for 4 lovely dancing students- Jaz, Tom, Alice and Leilani. 

Something so important to me when I'm shooting any person is that they're comfortable in my presence. As soon as the model or subject feels the least bit awkward, intimidated or self-conscious, the photos won't turn out. Luckily, all four of my subjects for this shoot were so friendly and comfortable in front of the camera, that it made it easy to capture some moments between moments. 
These aren't part of their professional head shot collection, but I got carried away when editing and put together a series of each of them. I'd ask them to make a joke to each other when I was shooting each person, and capturing the result was too fun.

Here's the outcome:
Jaz Sherwood

Leilani Rose De Marco
Tom Pitiris
Alice Rose Baker

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Zoe. x


Shadow Play.

I started collaborating with God Save the Frock in January this year and it's not only been an absolute pleasure to work with Jo but has given me the chance to learn new techniques and challenge my creativity. Scouting locations, shooting and post-processing has never been so much fun.

Our latest exploration took place in the Hamilton area of Brisbane and featured 2 new pieces for the GSTF collection. 
Designs by God Save the frock.
Model: Déla Kirisome.
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I've owned this blogspot for about two years now, but I've rarely used or understood it. 
I've now deleted all my past posts, redone my profile and layout and am excited to get blogging as much as I possible.

I'm mostly going to be posting behind the scenes posts and final series. The reason is because although I have a Facebook page and tumblr blog, here I can post the photographs together in ONE post which I find so much more appealing - to be able to scroll and view an entire series at once with no distractions.

As an introduction to who I am and what I actually do… I'm 19 and currently deferred from university. This year I've spent trying to figure out myself and what I want to do. At the moment, my plans are to return and study a Bachelor of Photography at the Queensland College of Art (Griffith University @ Southbank) starting in early 2013. At the moment, I do some freelancing work including events, portraits, fashion and port folio work. 

I'm starting this blog fresh, which means I won't be posting any series from before this year. You can see my previous work here, on my Facebook page.

Thanks for viewing & keep watch for updates :-)