New Home + New Job!

The past month after my last post have been pretty well a bit insane. My flatmates and I all moved into a new flat after being evicted/homeless for 2 weeks before that. 
The holy grail of Edinburgh Fringe Festival arrived and also I think tripled the population of the city for the first 3 weeks of August and I believe there was a point where I worked insane shifts for 2 weeks straight and may have become part zombie during that point.

Summer has just ended and it feels like Autumn in the streets now- I love it. I've also finished up my job at the hostel and and now beginning a new job at The Grassmarket Hotel which I am beyond stoked about. Especially while travelling, working in the hotel/hospitality industry has been fantastic. You meet so many people constantly plus are able to ensure their quick trip through Edinburgh is as good as possible. It's funny when you realise that a new guest knows NOTHING about the city and it becomes your job to suggest places for them to go- therefore becoming responsible for them getting the most from the amazing city. Kind of gratifying in a way.

I've had a few days off recently and have spent them buying new art supplies and painting/drawing a lot, taking lots of nap, picking up a stomach bug and becoming bed bound for a good 4 days, and yesterday I took myself on a wee photo adventure around the surrounding streets of where I'm now living in Haymarket/West End. I'm especially loving the change in season at the moment and the way the trees and leaves all around here and partaking in the change. The textures and colours are breathtaking. 
I'll caption some of the pictures as I go!


Every night for 3 weeks, sometimes twice a night, there were fireworks at the Military Tattoo to celebrate the Fringe Festival. They'd echo off all the city buildings and you could hear them pretty much anywhere across the city.

Our new flat!

I'm constantly looking at ceilings in this part of the world - you never see homes with as much detail as the older buildings here. It's just so beautiful how much detail they put into their architecture.

The view from our lounge window

A few favourites

My sister brought some crystals from Turkey (Or Malta?) over for me when she visited

I found this incredible series literally around the corner from my flat. Wire sculptures of people swinging from trees. It's hard to capture with camera just how beautiful they are because when the sun/breeze is with them it's glistening and magic. I need to go back and find out who the artist is/see if I can find more around the gardens.

Vive La Revolution

A small courtyard I found wandering around some back streets… perfect!

Once upon a time...

No matter what they said, $ is not your friend.

Still my favourite thing I found on this day. I wonder if they know their rusting garage is the most well patterned and coloured thing in the street. Loooove.

I never saw her face but there's something so warming to me about the way her coast is perfectly turned up at the sleeves and her pose is gracious and especially the way her nail polish colour matches her beanie. It reminds me of the poise my Nan always had.

Enter Autumn and the beyond great colours and textures you are presenting right now:

The street I live on- just a bit further down

Lots of love