Broughton Street

I'm not sure where to even begin explaining how ridiculous the past two weeks have been. 

My flatmates and I were suddenly evicted from our flat after finding out our landlord was actually a fraud who didn't even own our property and was forging our signatures onto fake leases… so somehow within 3 days we all became homeless and I've been sleeping on my flatmate's friends couch for the past week and a half (and I'm ever so grateful to even have that… if it wasn't for them I'd be legitimately homeless).

Edinburgh Fringe Festival has begun and August has officially turned Edinburgh into a carnival town filled with too many tourists to cope with but a whole lot of comedy shows and pop up bars… I can't wait to get involved. It's turning working in a hostel into a chaotic blur though… 

Broughton Street here in Edinburgh has become a new favourite as it's on my walk home to my 5 star couch accommodation from work. I took my camera with me one day so do a little documenting in some of the quirky, creative stores I found. 
In particular, Life Story which is a homewards store full of clean lines, fresh light and sophisticated creativity in every object. Homewares, furniture, jewellery and gifts and it literally is a dream store. If I ever owned a store- this would be my ideal. 

Here's  a bit of a documentary of my average walk home. Note the architecture, nature & cobbled streets which made me fall in love with this city in the first place… 

First ever flapjack potato

Life Story on Broughton Street, Edinburgh